Does penis size matter to gay men?


 The short answer is hell yes!While men are not defined by dick size alone, it is even more important in the gay community then in the straight community. And that is saying something. The size of a man's penis affects how that individual feels about them self. For openers it affects a man's body image. Men who are more hung look upon themselves as being more attractive. Because of this it can affect any man's self-esteem. Just as professional success, physical fitness, and levels of achievement all factor into a man's sense of confidence, penis size is also one such determining factor. Guys with big dicks tend to have more self-confidence. Similarly guys with small dicks can also feel good about them self in other ways such as spending hours in the gym or buying a Ferrari. Several studies have indicated that gay men tend to have larger penises then they're straight counterparts.

Penis size plays a critical role in a gay couples sexual relationship. Guys with bigger dick's tend to assume the position of the top and less well endowed men tend to be bottoms. Cock size is important to both the top and the bottom. How does the top feel about the size of the bottom? Some tops could care less about the size of the bottom. On the other hand some tops prefer that the bottom also have a large dick. While they may not have any change in physical sensation with a partner with the small penis they may simply feel that they would prefer to be with a "real man". So being a dominator of another man who also has a large penis may be empowering for the top. So even for the bottom there really isn't any advantage to having a smaller penis.
Bottoms have varying opinions about the ideal size of their partners who are tops. While obviously opinions will vary greatly in general the consensus is that bottoms prefer their partners to be big but not too big. Most bottoms want to be able to feel stimulation when they are penetrated. In order to achieve prostatic stimulation, the penis must be of a certain size. Small penises may not be capable of providing the needed prostatic stimulus. The average sized penis ( 5.1 inches) is certainly long enough to reach the prostate. (The prostate resides posterior to the back wall of the rectum.)

Discussions regarding dick size tend to be much more open and upfront among gay than straight couples. However one trait that all men share is their willingness to lie about their penis size! Most men exaggerate their penis size. The smaller a man's penis is the more likely he is to be dishonest when reporting his size. For many years there was a commonly held misconception that the average penis size was 6 inches. Did you ever wonder where that number comes from? The original studies were based upon self reported measurements. When new studies were obtained based upon objective measurements, the true size was discovered, 5.1 inches!

While some gay men prefer to consistently be a top, or a bottom, others are versatile. What role does penis size have in oral sex? Some men will gladly accommodate a very large penis orally but are reluctant to accept that same penis per rectum.
As with most sexual habits there are no firm rules. Certainly dick size is only one factor in any relationship and is obviously much less important than other human features such as personality type, warmth, intelligence, and character. Still, there is no substitute for a huge cock.