Hormones, Erections, and Male Enhancement


You've seen the advertisements.

We all have...

TESTOSTERONE. The male hormone. The stuff that makes you grow chest hair and a mustache and muscles. And anything that increases manliness is going to increase the size of your penis, right?

An injection of this stuff will make your penis grow 4-5 inches, give you rock hard erections, etc... etc... etc... Now in pill form! 

That's a promise straight from a direct mail advertisement I'm holding in my hands at this very moment. It's something that many men believe, or the people selling this stuff wouldn't keep using it over and over again.

And I don't blame them.

There's a sort-of mental connection that men have learned, that automatically conflates testosterone with "man." It's almost taken for granted that the stuff plays a big role in male enhancement.

And it's not totally wrong to think that way. There is no doubt amongst the medical community that as you're growing up, hormones are incredibly important in guiding your growth. Your build, your muscles, your hair, and yes, the size of your penis.

But let's be clear:

There is ZERO evidence that male hormones have any effect on the size of a man's phallus after puberty.


If there WERE, don't you think this stuff would be flying off the shelves, that there would be hundreds of solutions in your local pharmacy? I've said this a lot, but studies have shown that almost half of men WANT larger penises.

In the case of testosterone, it sounds too good to be true...and it is.

Testosterone as such is unlikely to have any effect on phallus size...but that doesn't mean it's useless


Sex hormones do fulfill a critical role when it comes to sexual function and sexual desire. It's a non-uncommon aspect of erectile dysfunction treatments. One critical thing it does is improve blood flow.

In one of my previous blog posts, I mentioned that the penis is mostly made up of skin cells and blood vessels. It is, essentially, a balloon or sponge that fills up with blood when you're aroused.

So testosterone CAN help when it comes to stimulating or maintaining an erection.

But isn't it strange that so many men conflate male enhancement with sexual potency?

When examined in depth, are the goals of increasing the size of the penis and the goals of increasing erection strength aligned?

The answer: in part.

A large reason why we, as a society, associate these two things together is because they are both demonstrations of masculinity, of how much of a man someone is.

And ancient societies, in particular, grouped the two together. So many natural herbal remedies created hundreds or thousands of years ago are meant to fulfill BOTH functions.

So that's why you find some natural pills designed to increase size also have a side effect of increasing erectile potency...

...if you believe the labeling, that is.

And properly created, such a scenario isn't impossible. But in most cases, you'll find that a practical solution for increasing size is not necessarily connected to increasing erection potency or "staying power."