How The Erection (And The Penis) Works

It's utterly fascinating to me how little most people know about their own body.

Everything you do...and even everything you tied to how your body works, and how it performs.

Even slight changes in your system can cause your mood, and your life, to suffer or improve drastically. But everything just works without thinking about it, so most people don't bother finding out.

Of course, if more people did, there'd probably be a lot fewer doctors maybe that's a good thing!

The point is, it's incredibly valuable to know what you're talking about when it comes to seeking a solution. The easiest way to figure out which solutions out there are legitimate, and which are just people trying to, frankly, trick your money out of you, is to figure out how things work.

When it comes to the penis, there are so many misconceptions out there.

For instance, many men believe that the male phallus is a muscle. That you can "train it" to become bigger much like you'd get bigger biceps by curling irons.

If you do believe that, I hate to break it to you...

The penis is NOT a muscle.

Now, it does contain muscles...but they are mainly just there to control blood flow. Mostly, the organ is made up of skin cells, nerves, and blood vessels. So for size purposes, what we traditionally think of as exercise would accomplish absolutely nothing. (What is typically called a penile exercise is usually more what we would think of as a "stretch.")

You'll be surprised to find out that half your penis is naturally inside your body. And you might be thinking:

"Well, what good is it doing in there? Get it out and I'll be the most confident man in town!"

But actually, that half acts as a support structure for your penis, especially important during erection. An erection is, essentially, the result of increased blood-flow to the penis. It can also be affected by temperature...hence certain reactions your body has in cold weather or in freezing water.

Another interesting fact is that the male sex organ can be pointed in strange angles, depending on the man. That angle is really the result of the size of the penis, and how it's connected to the pubic bone.

Your emotional state also affects erection, and can in extreme cases affect erectile dysfunction. It's not purely a physical phenomenon as you might think, which is why some treatments of ED actually focus on the psychological aspect of the affliction.

To go even more in-depth, with sexual stimulation there is a release of regulatory messengers such as nitric oxide. This causes the smooth muscles in the penis to relax, increasing blood flow. As the phallus becomes "filled," there is a natural closing off of that blood flow.

So how is this helpful to know?

Well, now you'll understand that a pill like Viagra works similarly to such neurotransmitters, working directly on the penis to prevent that natural "closing off" of blood flow.

And you'll know when someone is telling you something absolutely wrong about the anatomy of your own body.

Interesting stuff.