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With approximately 50% of all man feeling insecure about the size of their penis there has recently been a proliferation of male enhancement products.introduced into the marketplace. A popular sales mechanism for chemical dick enlargement pills has been male enhancement reviews. The bottom line is that men continue to seek over the counter male enhancement that works. Recently a number of reports have emerged in popular magazines regarding cosmetic implants for penile enlargement.  Dr. Elist who performs surgery at a Beverly Hills surgical center has had some success with a surgically placed implant, a procedure that he refers to as the Penuma Method . At this time, Dr. Elist is the only surgeon who has reported use of this device. He reported “mean increase in length, of 2.4 cm (1) (less than 1 inch), Dr. Elist’s surgery has been critiqued at a website known as by a patient who had an unfavorable outcome, and also on the website Phalloboards. However, there are also many positive reviews. There are relatively few surgeons still performing penis enlargement surgery because of historically poor outcomes.  The contemporary results of penis enlargement  surgery in the literature suggests a median gain of approximately 1 inch in length. While some patients do better than others, some patients actually experience a reduction in penis size. In addition, patients can experience significant complications including subsequent difficulty engaging in sexual intercourse. Popular male enhancement pills include Xanogen hgh factor, Spartagen xt , Zytenz,,,Rexavar, Vidur, Longinex, Zoroc,  Testomax, Extenze, Vigrx, Vydox,and

Androzene. Most recently Largagenix has been introduced to the male enhancement community and has received rave reviews. Largagenix combines herbs and vitamins to support blood flow and boost libido while also adding collagen . The penis is composed of skin, blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. Collagen is a key component of all of those structures. Men often seek natural solutions  as alternatives to Viagra, which is costly and may have dangerous side effects.  While Viagra may be among the best ED drugs on the market today it has never been shown to increase penis size. In fact it is doubtful that any pill can increase penis size without including the use of penis traction therapy.

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There are two types of penis traction therapy. Dynamic penis traction therapy involves the use of stretching exercises. The absolute best such exercises can be found on the Urologist’s Guide to Penis Enlargement Exercises DVD. This incredible DVD includes 25 of the ultimate penis enlargement exercises which was supervised by a urologist and includes easy to follow instructions for men interested in increasing their  penis size with dynamic penis traction therapy.  Men interested in learning more about penis stretching exercises are invited to contact us at We will be more than happy to provide you with a link to this incredible collection. The other treatment strategy that utilizes penis traction therapy is that of penis extenders. There have been over 10 reports in the literature supporting the use of penis extenders including some of the most prestigious urologic journals.  Certainly, any man who is interested in increasing their penis size would be encouraged to exhaust safe non-invasive treatments before considering exposing themselves to the risks of surgery.


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