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Latest update on Penis Enlargement

LATEST UPDATE ON PENIS ENLARGEMENT     With approximately 50% of all man feeling insecure about the size of their penis there has recently been a proliferation of male enhancement products.introduced into the marketplace. A popular sales mechanism for chemical dick enlargement pills has been male enhancement reviews. The bottom line is that men continue to seek over the counter male enhancement that works. Recently a number of reports have emerged in popular magazines regarding cosmetic implants for penile enlargement.  Dr. Elist who performs surgery at a Beverly Hills surgical center has had some success with a surgically placed implant, a procedure that he refers to as the Penuma Method . At this time, Dr. Elist is the only surgeon...

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Top Penis Sizes by Country

Which countries have the largest average penis size, and which ones have the smallest? Multiple reports have been published regarding this issue. According to a recently published “heat map”, there are rather prominent differences between different regions in this regard. There are significant differences between different countries in regards to patients seeking the best male enhancement products. While penis enlargement exercises and penis enlargement surgery are fairly popular in some regions, they are seldom discussed in others. This may correlate with the discrepancy seen in reported penis size in different regions. One issue to consider is how the data was obtained. For instance, it is well known that studies that rely upon self- reporting, as opposed to third party measurements...

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