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What is the perfect size for a penis, and how do I get there?

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco asked 4,000 men between the ages of 19-65 if they were satisfied with their penises. 14% of the men were not satisfied with their penises! The most common reason for penis dissatisfaction was length. Men who were unhappy with their genitals were less sexually active compared to those who had a higher opinion of their penises. In other stunning developments, ladies prefer sexual partners with larger penises. In fact, the ideal penis measured 6.2 inches in this study, at least according to the women surveyed. The men reported that their ideal penis size was 6.5 inches.  Since the average penis size is actually closer to 5.1 inches, there is a rather significant...

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Top Penis Sizes by Country

Which countries have the largest average penis size, and which ones have the smallest? Multiple reports have been published regarding this issue. According to a recently published “heat map”, there are rather prominent differences between different regions in this regard. There are significant differences between different countries in regards to patients seeking the best male enhancement products. While penis enlargement exercises and penis enlargement surgery are fairly popular in some regions, they are seldom discussed in others. This may correlate with the discrepancy seen in reported penis size in different regions. One issue to consider is how the data was obtained. For instance, it is well known that studies that rely upon self- reporting, as opposed to third party measurements...

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