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The Elusive Vaginal Orgasm

Orgasms during penile vaginal intercourse are very common, for men.  Women, not so much. Sorry guys, but most women  do not orgasm during penile vaginal intercourse. Anybody who has seen the great movie When Harry Met Sally may suspect that your partner may not always have the great screaming orgasm that she appears to be having.  The problem is that while men find vaginal intercourse to almost always be great, and result in an orgasm, for women, the vagina is not the center of sensation. The clitoris is the epicenter of sexual sensation. The most analagous structure women have to a penis is the clitoris, not the vagina. Failure to adequately stimulate the clitoris, either directly or indirectly will likely not result in an orgasm...

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The Definitive Guide To The Ancient Art Of The Jelq

While penis size was rarely discussed openly in the past, there has been an explosion of recent discussion in the popular press.  In fact, penis size, or lack there of, even entered into the recent presidential debates, with Donald Trump feeling compelled to defend his physical attributes.  For the record, there is little correlation between hand size and penis size.  If you ask most men and women to estimate the size of the average penis, they will usually say 6 inches. Guess what? The actual average size is closer to 5.1 inches erect. The reason for the discrepancy between reality and perception is because of studies based upon self-reported penis size. In news certain to shock nobody, many men lie...

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Does penis size matter to gay men?

   The short answer is hell yes!While men are not defined by dick size alone, it is even more important in the gay community then in the straight community. And that is saying something. The size of a man's penis affects how that individual feels about them self. For openers it affects a man's body image. Men who are more hung look upon themselves as being more attractive. Because of this it can affect any man's self-esteem. Just as professional success, physical fitness, and levels of achievement all factor into a man's sense of confidence, penis size is also one such determining factor. Guys with big dicks tend to have more self-confidence. Similarly guys with small dicks can also feel...

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