The Definitive Guide To The Ancient Art Of The Jelq

While penis size was rarely discussed openly in the past, there has been an explosion of recent discussion in the popular press.  In fact, penis size, or lack there of, even entered into the recent presidential debates, with Donald Trump feeling compelled to defend his physical attributes.  For the record, there is little correlation between hand size and penis size.  If you ask most men and women to estimate the size of the average penis, they will usually say 6 inches. Guess what? The actual average size is closer to 5.1 inches erect. The reason for the discrepancy between reality and perception is because of studies based upon self-reported penis size. In news certain to shock nobody, many men lie about the size of their actual penises.  About half of all men who have a penis (at least half!) wish they had a bigger dick.

There are a number of well described penis exercises which have gained great popular success. The best and safest exercises are available on a DVD available at for a nominal cost.  One of the most popular such exercises is the Jelq. 

One might reasonably ask if it is possible to change the size of a penis or any organ. There are in fact many examples of using tension or traction to change the physical characteristics of body parts. Probably the most common such example is that of the Padaung tribe of Myanmar. They place metal coils around the necks of their females to successfully produce long necks, The necks of these female become so long that they are referred to as giraffe women.

 The exact origin of jelqing is not known, but is commonly thought to have originated in the Middle East. The first step to the jelq is to warm up the penis. This can be done with a warm bath, or a warm rice sock. The penis should be adequately lubricated, usually with a water based solution. Jelqing is done with both hands. The gentleman makes an "OK" sign by placing the index finger against the thumb. This can be done with either the palm up or down (most prefer the palm down).  Start with the "OK"  around the base of the penis, which traps the blood inside the penis. (This prevents venous backflow) The exercise should be performed with a partial erection, not a full erection (50% is ideal). Starting at the base of the penis, slowly advance the hand towards the glans penis (the head of the penis).  Make sure that you stop prior to reaching the glans (the head is the most delicate part of the penis).  Each stroke should last 3 to 5 seconds. The exercise should not be painful. If it hurts, you're doing it too hard or too frequently.  After the first hand reaches the glans, start the same motion with the other hand sequentially. 

One can start performing this 50 times per session, and eventually increase up to 200 times per day. This translates into 10 to 20 minutes per day. This can be performed 2 to 5 days per week.    The goal is to milk the blood from the base of the penis towards the glans penis. The jelq stroke begins next to the pubic bone. Jelqing can be performed in conjunction with hand stretching, penis enlargement exercises, penis extenders, and penis enlargement pills.

Besides the anecdotal based evidence, there is some laboratory evidence which may be extrapolated to provide a scientific explanation for the popularity of jelqing.It has been shown that increased axial stretch of arteries is rapidly normalized through the combined effects of tissue growth and remodeling.(1) It should be noted however, that I am unaware of any specific published studies regarding jelqing, and readers are advised to always consult with their personal health care providers before starting any exercise program.

There have been reports of the development of erectile dysfunction in young patients performing this maneuver. In order to obtain an erection, there is a requirement for both an increase of vascular flow into the penis along with the ability to trap the blood within the corpora cavernosa. Jelqing can potentially injure the mechanism of trapping the blood, which requires passive occlusion of the veins. Again, it is emphasized to limit the pressure used while jelqing, and to never jelq with a full erection.


(1)  Zane S. Jackson, Avrum I. Gotlieb and B. Lowell Langille,