The Single Biggest Misunderstanding About Male Enhancement

Welcome to the Urologist's guide.

I'm Dr. Michael Kaplan, and for my very first post on this blog I thought I'd tackle what I see as perhaps the SINGLE biggest problem surrounding the industry of male enhancement.

It’s not the first thing that usually comes to mind when you think of “problems.” It has NOTHING to do with the solutions out there, or whether they work or not.

No, today I’m going to talk about something that’s avoided and ignored by practically everyone as if it doesn't exist.

I’m talking about expectations.

What do I mean by that?

Think back to your childhood, as far back as you can go. What kind of toys did you play with? What activities did your guardians push you towards?

Ever since we’re young, men are encouraged to be athletic, to enjoy “masculine” toys like cars and action figures or the color blue. This pressure comes from all directions, from family, teachers, and even peers.

As we grow older, that environment shifts, but does not abate. The new expectation is towards becoming attractive to women and getting a significant other. You see signs all over the place, whether over the dinner table or in chats with friends.

Those who manage to “hook” an especially beautiful woman are especially envied. And while this emphasis may change a bit as the years go on, it also continues in some form or another throughout your ENTIRE LIFE.

Basically, it’s the expectation that these traits, in many ways, define how much of a man you are.

Here’s why I’m talking about this. Included in that expectation comes another factor, less discussed but no less pervasive among men.

A large penis.

The belief that a larger penis (the larger the better) makes you more superior as a man. That how big you are is incredibly important to women, implying that size equals sexual satisfaction. Whether that’s true or not might not even matter. How you feel does, however.

The result: the feeling of inadequacy that plagues the modern man.

45% of all men express worries about the size of their penis. Almost half.

Is it any wonder at all, then, that we’re constantly bombarded with male enhancement advertisements about pills to make your penis larger overnight? Or that people keep buying into it?

People are worried that their reality doesn’t match up to the ideal society wants them to have. So they stress over whether their penis size is enough to satisfy a woman. And who wouldn’t want to be more sexually satisfying to the opposite sex?

This problem is exasperated by what most men consider to be a normal size.

The first adult penis most people will see will be that of their father’s. This is often used to establish a benchmark as to what is “normal.” The problem with that, of course, everything appears bigger when you’re a child.

Most of the other erect genitals that men see will be in pornography, where the average male porn star has an eight-inch penis. These men are INCREDIBLE outliers.

In other words, the penises most men actually see are so far out of the norm that it’s difficult to really understand that what they have is probably…completely fine and normal.

This combination of societal pressure and this disparity in expectations vs. reality result in the common feeling of inadequacy we find in many men today.

It’s not wrong to call it the root cause of why penis enlargement is such a popular topic.
One of the purposes of this blog will be to examine what’s real and what’s fiction in regards to such expectations.

Until then.