What Is A Normal Sized Penis?

If you have made it to our site and are reading this blog, male enhancement is something of interest to you. Many men constantly fighting a battle inside themselves debating whether or not they are considered “normal” We are happy to provide you with male enhancement products to help you feel more adequate in the bedroom but we thought that we would have a discussion on what is normal when it comes to your penis size.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word normal as “conforming to the standard or the common type”. So what does that mean to you? Let’s get into the numbers. The average man, as we know from our previous blogs, has a penis size of just over five inches when erect. According to CNN, this number comes out of a more than 20 studies of over 15,000 men so if you are similar to this size, we would consider you “normal”.

But how are men supposed to know this unless they take the time to research the results? We are bombarded with male enhancement supplements and images of well-endowed porn stars that have obviously were gifted with great genes. How can men believe the findings of these studies saying that they are within “normal” range when it comes to the size of their penis?

While we can’t take away all of the psychological stress that comes with feeling inadequate, we can help build your self-esteem. At Argagenix, we believe in our male enhancement products so much that with your purchase, we will throw in a gift of our doctor recommended penis pump. Don’t wait any longer to get the penis you want.