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Hi, I’m Michael Kaplan, retired urologist…

I’ve  practiced urology  for over 25 years, most of them spent running my own successful private practice. I’ve previously  been recognized as a "Top Doctor" by Las Vegas Magazine and "Consultant of the Year" by the Nevada Family Practice Association.

Urology is the area of medicine focused on the male reproductive organ, among other things. But I didn’t really delve deeply into the area of male enhancement until after I'd retired from active practice.

Every few days for many, many years, without fail, I would have some patient ask me conspiratorially:

“Is there any way to make it a little larger?”

And because I thought about entering the arena of penis enlargement surgery, I did my research…and what I discovered absolutely shocked me.

A study by European Urology found that only 35% of men post-enlargement surgery are happy with the results, and half of them went on to get more surgery.Imagine going through the uncertainty, pain, and complication of surgery just to get a 1/3 chance of success!

So I examined the other popular solutions on the internet, alternatives to surgery that might have an effect. What I found was that over 98% of all solutions had absolutely no scientific basis for their claims. Unsurprisingly, the internet is full of charlatans and fakes.

You Couldn’t Tell Which Solutions Were Real, and Which Ones Weren’t.

I spent a whole year studying and compiling all the real, scientific information that I could find on the subject of enlargement. I utilized the same strict methodologies that I would use on any other proposed medical cure.

And I’ve put much of it here on this webpage, including information on what the best male enhancement products are.

Here at the Urologist’s Guide to Male Enhancement, you’ll find all the facts about what’s truth and what’s fiction. You’ll find tons of free resources for you to read, along with free reports to download. You’ll find my recommendations for what solutions actually work to make your penis larger in the right way. That's right: male enhancement opportunities that are scientifically-backed. Male enhancement that works.

Take advantage of what's on this site, and discover what steps you need to take to give yourself the best chance to get the results you're looking for.

You'll be glad you did.

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