DVD: Urologist's Guide to Male Enlargement

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The Safest And Most Reliable Set Of "Do-It-Yourself" Exercises To Improve Size

The human body is an incredible mechanism - more incredible, really, than most give it credit for.

Stand in the sun for too long, your skin darkens to prevent burning. Go for a jog every day and your heels will grow harder and thicker for longer journeys. Lift weights and your muscles rebuild themselves to become stronger, more resilient.

Action. Reaction.

This adaptability, this positive chemistry happens to so much of what we do.

And there are ways to take advantage of that process to grow the size of your phallus.Even I didn’t have all the answers, and…

The Ancients Might Have Had Something Right

Since the first time man, or what passed for man, rubbed two sticks together to make fire… he’s been looking at the guy to his side to see how he stacks up when it comes to penis size.

It’s nothing new.

And so it shouldn't be surprising to you that there have been many, many different "natural methods" aimed at increasing the size of the penis.

We have traditional techniques from India, East Asia, the Middle East, the Native Americans, practically every part of the world! Many from thousands of years back. The ones that have survived to this day have done so for a reason.

Many are far too dangerous to perform regularly.

Others though, share certain common traits, even when developed by people centuries apart and separated by oceans.

Only The Most Promising And Effective Exercises

Only The Most Promising And Effective Exercises

The most effective stretch exercises designed to grow the size of your penis. Not only techniques taken from ancient cultures, but also modern techniques developed by experts.

You'll learn all about the various methods of penile enlargement attempted over the millennium. You’ll discover how certain herbal remedies can have startlingly positive effects on the human body.

The exercises are effective, easy to perform, take only 10-20 minutes a day, and most importantly…

Are safe is performed as instructed.

Note that any exercise outlined in this DVD is complemented by the Largagenix capsules and the penile stretch device.

I should also note that it’s like any other exercise, you have to keep doing it to see results.

But this is the most powerful set of penile stretch exercises you’ll find anywhere, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, non-invasive way to improve the size of their phallus.


The definitive video guide to safe penis enlargement exercises has been highly acclaimed by users.  The DVD is narrated in both English and Spanish. Over 20 penis stretching exercises are explained in detail, and demonstrated in this high quality production.  Guidelines are provided to ensure safe practices in this evolving area.  Use of penis enlargement exercises have helped some men achieve what was once felt to be impossible, natural penis enlargement. Similar to  other exercise programs, results are likely to be gradual.  These exercises are not designed for rapid, dramatic results, but rather slow, gradual and safe improvement. Similar to other exercise programs, results will vary, and the results referenced in the testimonials may not reflect typical results.  Always check with your personal health care provider before starting any exercise program.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.