Largagenix Maximum Growth Package

$ 99.98 $ 466.90

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The collection includes 1 month supply of what I consider to be the world's best male enhancement formula, top rated Largagenix.  This package of products features the Largagenix Penis Extender, This is not an imitation knockoff product from China. This was manufactured in Denmark by the original creator and is composed of medical grade components. This extender sells elsewhere for over $300.00. We include the comfort pad, comfort strap, and additional extender rods. You also receive the perfect complement to your penis extender; The Urologist's Guide to Male  Enlargement Exercises DVD with all of the best exercises explained in vivid detail.

We also include The Urologist;s Guide to Male  Enlargement book, that explains all options, including surgery, injections, devices and medicine.  Every purchase includes a 75 day money-back guarantee.  

We cover all shipping and handling. To customize future shipments and charges call customer service anytime at 800-326-9714.